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Rapid Prototyping + Iterative Design

We are the proud creators of FRUJI, a very popular, professional social media analytics service. With some of the world's largest brands, this product is a true success story we are really proud of.
We are currently based out of London, United Kingdom.

TwentyPeople was founded by Roman Mittermayr, a former Microsoft product planner. After leaving his job in Seattle, WA, Roman moved back to Europe to work on various products through the newly formed TwentyPeople.

Roman is a book author, digital nerd and musician and is happy to speak publicly about product design, getting prototypes to market and personal career planning. He holds a masters' degree in Business Administration from the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

Together with a dynamic team of professional developers, designers and producers, our products are built as prototypes, tested early and often through numerous iterations, and are eventually transformed into global services.
We always deliver on time. All of our clients are happy to provide you with an outstanding reference and we make sure to hand over a perfect product, every time. We are specialised in project-based work, no matter what technologies might be required. From hardware electronics, to iOS, Android or web-services, we usually find a sustainable solution that offers the highest quality possible.

Pricing starts at $150 per hour.

We are very selective with accepting projects. It is highly recommended to reach out with a proper inquiry that we can base our suggestions and offer on. We are happy to recommend our excellent partners for any projects that might not suit your budget.